Who Am I?

After years of reading, in 2006 I discovered writing. I joined a wonderful Winchesterian creative writing class with Nicky Morris, a truly inspiring teacher. I confess I started the classes partly to make local friends. I got these in abundance; great, creative, critical, flamboyant friends. 

Then, from 2013-15 I did a part-time MA at the University of Winchester in Creative and Critical Writing. This was fun and challenging and stretched my brain in different ways. It gave me the confidence and the tools to get beyond the instant gratification of petite poems and short short stories and embark on bigger projects. The course also forced me into the 21st century, made me start blogging and even tweet! 
I recently completed my first novel. It was rattling around for a while but finally exploded, ‘Alien’ style from me and after ordering its slippery tentacles I'm currently seeking representation.

When I'm not writing, I’m drawing, dancing and walking the dog.

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