Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flash: Your Contract is Expiring

Thank you for coming, Doctor,’ Mrs Klee said, ‘Archie is on the carpet. He seemed most comfortable there.’
   Doctor Smith pushed up his bifocals and peered at the boy, who was sitting hunched in the corner of the classroom.
   ‘What seems to be the problem, Mrs Klee?’
   The teacher scratched her face nervously. ‘Well, he’s been saying peculiar things, upsetting the other children. I don’t understand what’s brought it on.’
   Doctor Smith patted her arm. ‘I’m here now. You look after the other children.’
   He went and crouched next to Archie. ‘Hello, how are you?’
   The child stared at him, then said, ‘Your credit is low; you have less than ten minutes.’
   Doctor Smith smiled at the lad and replied, ‘I’m on a monthly tariff, you don’t have to worry.’
   The boy’s arm shot out and grasped the doctor’s wrist. ‘Your battery is critically low, please plug into a power source immediately.’
   ‘Archie, it’s okay, I’m not a phone,’ the Doctor said, but he felt a pain spreading in his chest.